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User avatar OP points: 42 Reply points: 950 Location: Brooklyn, New York
Mcdangles wrote:
IGN: Valkyrie aka come play hon with me paul yang

no one wants to play hon. boring. gay. clowns.

IGN: Cute Snap Oo
I play support ! add me i need to get lv 30!
Mister Snap
User avatar OP points: 66 Reply points: 1,707
I play everything.


I play everything, but don't play with players who don't even have the basic skills required to play support.
You have to be straight retarded to be unable to play support.

Last edited by Asp on Jan 08 2012, 2:45 am, edited 1 time in total.
OP points: 4 Reply points: 12
Play jungle and AP Mid
Can support and carry
FUCK SOLO TOP i dont do that shit
Add me ill play with anyone looking to have a good time
also looking for 5's team :P
User avatar OP points: 51 Reply points: 1,426
Lvl 100 Magikarp
Ranged AD
Kappa spike nerf makes squirtle cry
User avatar OP points: 13 Reply points: 765 Location: Brooklyn, New York
updated page
Nightstryker Nation [nN]
Back In China We Had [Rice]
IGN Paul Yang, Triangle Offense
User avatar OP points: 22 Reply points: 1,035
my name's Tearz now, not Tearz29.
Necrotic Tearz
Half Man Half Bear Half Pig [MBP]
OP points: 13 Reply points: 232
1400 elo can play anything other than support who wants to play that shit
Adderall Assault [AA]
Whatch our Comeback [iR]
OP points: 21 Reply points: 206
2k+ ELO
OP points: -1 Reply points: 6
Better with support/bruisers. I'm coming off of a 6-month break, so I'm still getting up to speed. My CS used to be good, it's awful now.
SoloQ was 1194 at the end of S1 =( I bad.
OP points: 10 Reply points: 343

anything really


OP points: 47 Reply points: 164
The Great Josh
Anything that isn't AD carry!
IGN: Gladiator Kahmal
OP points: 14 Reply points: 137
perma lag addict. I suck need a mentor!
[yoda] [NeRD] [inc] [YTF] [gE] [oK] [wipe] [posh]
User avatar OP points: 5 Reply points: 175 Location: The Kitchen
Sierawra (NA/US)
Support - Taric/Soraka/Lux

Kiwi wrote:
I wanna be snowy's flower girl. :D
User avatar OP points: 28 Reply points: 549 Location: Orange County, CA
Just started...

IGN: ForeverHomeAlone

I prefer ganking, all day.
Work Her Dai Lee
OP points: 13 Reply points: 232
IGN: Mattieeeeeee

i play jaungle top mid
Adderall Assault [AA]
Whatch our Comeback [iR]

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