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Zealous Legionnaires [ZeL], Is a new guild looking for a core GvG team. The guild is new and will take a couple of days to get it fully running and ready for GvG. The guild will be very competitive and will compete to be under 50 as also be prepared for tournaments. The guild is looking for 7 core:

1.) Monk
2.) Monk
3.) Midline
4.) Midline
5.) Flagger
6.) Warrior
7.) Warrior

The guild will run balance builds. The guild wont be running gimmick or overpowered builds. I’m looking for members who are willing to Make the Times (8pm est – W/E), Have a strong knowledge of GvG, and willing to take a joke here and there.


Have to be age 16+ (for tournaments), Have been in Experience guilds, Able to make the GvG times, and have Mic/Vent


1.) What is your age?

2.) How much balthazars faction do you have?

3.) Your strongest profession to your weakest?

4.) Previous guilds you have been in (including tag) and why you left them?

5.) In-Game Name?

6.) How much GvG Experience?

7.) Your Heroes Ascent rank?

8.) How much Champ Points?

9.) Why you would be a good addition to the guild?

My In Game Name:
-Acc1 (Tides Of Life)
-Acc2 (Tides Remakes)

PS: I don’t have Guild hall yet, due to the fact I want to figure out what hall will run best for the build that we choose!

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