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So who will make it through ?

Avec Malus et Nonchalance [AmeN]
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Déterre Hitler que je le shlass, ramène ta mère que je te refasse.
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ill be there, gonna be though to join all those daily at's at the same time, though
IGN: Athos can't mes
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Might have a shot at finally winning cAT ^^
[日x界] [FoxT]
IGN: Pub Loves You
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It's not only c-aT pub, you can win 3 at the same time by just entering it with a bunch of people and henchies :D

However, i doubt it means anything since at that time you will not only get just gold for entering the mAT, but i think the servers will be down too :(
IGN: Athos can't mes
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Mister Snap

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