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B E N S O N wrote:
I'm not saying Marino's year wasn't great. It was the best for a long time. But he played against defenses not geared to stop the pass first. Obviously the rules are more pass-friendly now but thats a safety issue and one you can't really argue over. Defenses nowadays are suppose to stop the pass and obviously they couldn't do it when they played brees / brady.

Basically taking everything into account I think numbers then are the same as numbers now passing-wise. And Brees broke the record in 15 games.

OK - following your argument then what do you say considering the stats of other quarterbacks non name Brees THIS year? Stafford, Eli, Cam, Rodgers, Brady? So either this year has the worst passing defense in NFL history or 4500 yard, 35 TDs and 90+ rating is "normal" for a good quarterback. 10 years ago these numbers are MVP numbers or career numbers for HoFer QB like Manning and Brady.
Planning and executing are 2 different things.

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