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ROFL - this is ANET's new match reporter, replacing our very own Josh Axiom...

http://www.guildwars.com/competitive/ar ... qqvsiq.php

THIS GUY > Josh?

Christian Brellisford is a college student currently studying video game design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in hopes of pursuing a career in the field. A gamer since an early age, Christian has been involved with Guild Wars since the E3 for Everyone Event in 2004, and currently leads the Spirits of War guild. You can find him in game under the name Saidin Writer.

Wow Josh, you must suck balls.
They See Me Rollin... They Hatin...
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oh boy wow...
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That guy has been writing reports for Anet for awhile now. X_X
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The lack of practise and experience the writers have never ceases to irritate me. It may sound like I'm asking too much, but why the hell can't they get someone who actually knows what the fuck they're talking about?
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well they had someone(josh) and then he quit :P
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Smgzor wrote:
well they had someone(josh) and then he quit :P

Actually, that guy isn't my "replacement", at least as far as I understand. Smgz, I applied for a job at ArenaNet, and they hired someone else instead (I think his name is Sean). It was a multi-faceted position, including competitive coverage and some in-game writing as well, but was titled "web writer", so I went for it. I was hopeful that he would actually put some focus on producing solid pvp content for the site, but so far it's been fairly lackluster. They did ask me if I'd like to continue contributing match reports on an infrequent basis, but I felt like they needed to make some significant changes in the design of their competitive play before it was really possible to cover it properly. I was also a little let down that they went with the person they did, because it was a clear message that they were still putting more focus on pve (apparently this guy's main focus was writing in-game dialogue) than on progressing the game as an eSport.
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Christian Brellisford has been writing report for a while now, out of teh first that were published his werent bad. (i havent read recent).

doesn't being freelancer kid off disc you from participating in the game btw? would you chose to play the game or a job at A.net t?

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