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    GvG Newb uploading his matches.
    Comments welcome!


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    @niknax GvG Newb uploading his matches.
    Comments welcome!


    Hey Rudi, I'm pretty new at GvG frontline myself but I do have a few pointers for you based on my past few months of playing almost exclusively Dervish. Am still learning though, so please take the comments below with a grain of salt.

    - Equipment: Your primary weapon should be a 15^50 Vampiric Scythe of Defense, this is very important as 5 life steal per scythe swing really adds up over time. IMO the other 3 weapon sets should be a Defensive Staff of Enchanting (for running faster), a Crippling Recurve Bow of Defense (for snaring far targets with Harrier's Grasp), a Crippling Spear of Defense + Shield (for snaring close targets/reducing damage). Keep a 15/-5e Sundering Scythe of Defense in your inventory for doing maximum damage on the guild lord, since life steal doesn't count towards aggressiveness. Some players also have a longbow, although no one really gets hit by those when running away.

    - Interface/Field Vision: I would close the mission (U) map for GvG as it just clogs up valuable screen space. You can also probably reduce the size of your party window a little, depending on your resolution. This will allow you to see and click on more of the field, which is always good. As Dervish always be wary of your enchantment order, so you know what effect you are tearing down with Wearying Strike, Pious Fury, etc. Also, constantly use right-click to rotate your camera whenever your target kites into a wall, so you can see more of the field (instead of facing the wall). This way you know if a hammer warrior is coming to lineback you. Also be very careful to not ball with your other teammates, for Dervishes are usually one of the most susceptible spike targets.

    - Skill Usage/Calling Spikes: First and foremost, try to get in the habit of renewing your Avatar about 5 seconds before it expires. Doing so will decrease your chance of an enemy ranger/mesmer trying to interrupt your Avatar after it has expired, and ensure that the Avatar expiring won't randomly shit on whatever you're trying to do. Occasionally you will be able to push a kill by attacking all the way until your Avatar expires, but remember that the second it ends, your action will be interrupted.

    Harrier's Grasp is one of the best skills (if not the best) on your bar. With 12 Wind Prayers it cripples 3 times every 15 seconds, punishing kiters and allowing you to land a chain of critical hits. Harrier's Grasp + Spear is like your bread and butter. Get comfortable with weapon swapping to spear set -> attack moving player -> back to scythe set. This is much more efficient than chasing people around. Be very careful not to accidentally tear it down with Wearying Strike, and prevent it from being removed by applying it before your other two enchants. It is also an instant mending touch that removes 1 condition; 2 conditions if you have cripple. Blind/weakness will usually be prioritized on your Warrior, however it's important to get in the habit of insta-removing your own conditions if your Harrier's Grasp is ready. Don't call blind/weakness if you're capable of removing it yourself, you will only waste 5 of your monk's precious energy pool!

    In order to call fast, clean spikes, ideally you want to be in your attack speed stance (Heart of Fury) and be pre-enchanted with Rending Aura. This way when you tear it down using Wearying Strike, you can re-apply Rending Aura right away for more spike damage. A good combo would be like:
    Whirling Charge to target -> Attack -> Wearying Strike (tearing down previous Rending Aura) -> Rending Aura (right away) -> Radiant Scythe.

    It is usually not a good idea to open your spike with deep wound on a full health target.

    Remember that Dervishes have less burst damage/spike power than Warriors, but more raw team pressure/AoE damage over time. The key to playing Dervish is to spend less time running around finding ideal targets to spike, and more time constantly hitting shit. The enemy backline will have no choice but to devote a lot of energy mitigating your damage.

    Since Dervishes do holy/chaos/dark damage and apply Cracked Armour/Burning on pretty much everything they attack, they can be less picky than Warriors about which targets to spike. However it's still important to know which targets have DP, who's holding flag, who's in vulnerable positions in order to score kills. Coordinate with your frontline partner as much as possible, by pressure spiking different targets simultaneously, crippling monks while another spike is being called on an overextended player, or even converging on the same target.

    Hope I was of some help. Happy Derving! ^_^

  4. Ali

    18 Apr 2016 Member
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    April 2016 mAT prot

    Ns vs rook [2/5 swiss]

    Ns vs EDGE [3/5 swiss]

    Ns vs Flux [4/5 swiss]

    Ns vs kput [5/5 swiss]

    Ns vs Rudi [1/4 elims]

    Ns vs Euro [2/4 elims]

    Ns vs wxxr [3/4 elims]

    Ns vs THE [4/4 elims]

  5. Ali

    22 May 2016 Member

    May 2016 mAT prot

    pipi vs wA [1/4 elims]

    pipi vs FkNs [2/4 elims]

    pipi vs SHOP [3/4 elims]

    pipi vs VN [4/4 elims]

  6. Today's C-AT Matches in [rip] as flagger :

    I will be recording and uploading all the AT/mAT games I play and post them here, if people are interested.

  7. Forgot one game:

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    Yesterday's C-AT: (only one game cuz I've only been able to play one)

    Bunch of fails, gave up knights for free
    Bonus: Ali getting solo'd to something, you guess what :D

  9. @Luv Bonus


  10. pipi vs wA (earth)

  11. Godly

    6 Jun 2016 Administrator

    Looks like gw needs more streamers/recorders. From my observation it's pretty rare there's even single match on observe from daily AT. Mostly we can thank syncers for this.

    Thus, I'll stream/record this month more and try to be more active. I need place to guest though, my guild only plays on Sundays. I'm online 24/7, I answer if I happen to be there. I can guest to any guild other than known botters. Hit me up before C-AT. Ign: very nice very nice

  12. Yay!

  13. Today's C-AT games in [rip], playing PoD mesmer:

    rip vs vZ

    rip vs HH (scrimmage, 7v8 tho)

    rip vs HH (C-AT final game)

    (it will be up in like 2 hours if you see this message now)

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    Great to see all these recordings
    For anyone that's interested and doesn't already know, I also record games and try to put the interesting ones in this channel:

  15. Luv

    14 Jun 2016 Member

    Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

  16. @Luv Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

    That was awesome.

  17. leny

    14 Jun 2016 Member


  18. sync

    14 Jun 2016 Member

    @Luv Funny comeback from what looked like a desperate situation :P

    Obsed this in game and almost cried watching them play. They got you dpd and kept running around after you for no reason. Also they went for the same lord rush "trick" TWICE in same match. Guess bots wont make you smarter yet...

  19. Luv

    21 Jun 2016 Member

  20. Godly

    4 Aug 2016 Administrator
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    Updated opening post a bit.


    • Map rotation link to OP(for lazy people).
    • Flux cycle link to OP.
    • List of Guides.
    • Active streamer/recorder section.
    • Added Luv.
    • Added TJ youtube channel.

    Who qualifies to be active? Person who streams/records more than once a month.

    What I still need: information who plays where(guild) and who I'm missing from the list, since I haven't been following GW things so much lately. Same deal if I have made any mistakes at OP, free to point those out and I will fix it.

    Also since we have this Streaming / recent recordings thread now, keep this thread only as information thread.

  21. Random japanese channel I found today:

    YM vs YMCA (smiteway vs DF Honor) mAT final

    Polly's Me/N

    Team Vega [Goth]

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